Bhavani Padhippakham

Tutor365 is a product of Bhavani Padhippakham, a leading publishing house catering to schools in Tamil Nadu. It has more than 50 years’ experience in publishing educational books. It is commonly known by its brand Bavani’s Tutor. Tutor365 is produced by highly experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) well versed in both board and competitive exams across the country.

What is Tutor365?

Tutor365 is an online assessment tool for structured learning. It bridges the gap in learning through its assessments and reporting system. It does not replace your training methodology but refines learning experience.

  • Tutor 365 is an online assessment and analytical tool.
  • Identifies the gap between teaching and learning outcome
  • Introduced to bridge the gap between learning and assessment.
  • Help parents and teachers know about the student’s learning outcome.
  • Specially developed for students of 11th and 12th preparing for board exams and competitive exams.
  • Subjects available - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Why Tutor365?

There are lots of concerns for the students, teachers, parents and school managements. The students do not know their strengths or weaknesses in a subject. Parents don’t know the reasons for the student’s struggle. Teachers are over burdened and they don’t have time for identifying areas of weakness of each student. Tutor365 has a robust reporting system that provides topic wise analysis for each subject. The reports generated immediately after the tests are sent to parents and teachers. Teachers can create assignments for a group of students and analyse them. The school management can generate student wise, class wise or teacher wise analysis reports. The reports can also be printed. Based on the time availability the students can choose from the wide range of exams. The exams can be taken subject wise or topic wise. Mock tests are given for JEE Mains, NEET, BITSAT, VITEEE, SRMJEEE and Manipal Entrance Test.

  • Help students to analyse the strengths and weaknesses - subject wise, topic wise
  • Parents struggle to know the actual level of their child
  • Teachers don’t have enough time to analyse each student
  • Helps school managements to analyse teaching-learning outcome
  • Addressing the concerns of students, parents, teachers and school management

Helpline number : +91 7373099203